November 29, 2016

About us

Who are St John Ambulance?

St John Ambulance are a charity & one of the country’s (and world’s) biggest first aid and Ambulance organisations. Our goal is to save lives & teach first aid to everyone willing to learn it. Just last year, 800,000 were taught first aid through SJA’s efforts. More information about what is is & how it works can be found here.

What is Leeds LINKS?

LINKS is both a society & a student wing of SJA. There are lots of LINKS units in universities across the country. The society is open to absolutely anyone, with or without previous experience in first aid, from any University in Leeds.

What do we do?

On the first aid side of LINKS, our activities involve training and event cover, both of which are explored in more detail on the other pages. We provide regular hands-on training sessions to teach students first aid knowledge & techniques. The sessions are different every week, covering a wide variety of topics. Our sessions are always open doors – you can come at any point you wish. After training sessions, the evening always ends in the pub, and often beyond.

Outside of the training, we provide first aid cover for real, covering various events. Most of these are events which happen in the union, including music concerts and the club nights. LINKS also help out with various events outside the university, from street celebrations and festivals in Leeds to horse races, and so on.