June 9, 2017

Event Cover

Leeds LINKS covers a variety of events at the university. The regular one being Fruity, the club night at the union. Other events range from gigs and fresher events to rock and heavy metal festivals. Providing first aid cover means that we work closely with security to deal with medical emergencies or the variety of injuries that occur on the dance floor. We occasionally have ambulance cover, but at other times in serious cases we call for ambulance assistance and show them through the maze that is the union building (which helps when the majority have no idea where the union is).

The nights are late, but its always a great atmosphere and a good laugh (and often good practice of first aid skills). When we’re not chilling in the first aid post, we’ll be milling around the event (where we go depends how good the music is).

For those who like a change of scene, we’re also asked to help out at other SJA-covered events in Leeds and around West Yorkshire. To name a few – rugby matches, cricket games, horse races, music festivals, 10K runs, concerts and more. There is also the chance to cover events outside of the area, such as Creamfields. Even the smaller events are a great way to get a taste of Yorkshire life if you’re a southerner and don’t come up here often. Transport is usually provided, and travel expenses are available.

If you want to know more about what events we cover and how we cover them, just chat to any of the ‘operational’ members and they’ll be happy to share their experiences!

Requesting Event Cover

We are unable to take bookings for event cover directly – If you would like to make a request then please apply through the St John Ambulance website.
Please note, they ideally require over 4 weeks notice prior to the event start date.

This explains what St John Ambulance can provide and the overall booking process.

This is the actual booking form you will need to use to request cover for an event.